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Overview   |   West Africa

West Africa Remains a Gold Industry Hotspot

• More than 70 deposits over 1M Oz.

• Production exceeds 7M Oz per annum.

• Significant representation of international companies.

• Recent mergers, acquisitions and corporate activity reflects ongoing interest in the region.

• Nordgold’s Lefa mine in Guinea and AGG’s Kaboda project in Mali are prime examples of development over the past decade in the region.

Blox Website_Birimian Gold Province Map.

Fig. 4: Guinea & Ghana, West Africa, and the Birimian Gold Province.

Ghana: Business as Usual

• Ghana is continuing to forge forward in all industrial sectors including mining.

• Second largest gold producer in Africa with a highly supportive Government.

• Modern transparent Mining Code and clear tax/fiscal regime.

• Proven historical track record of production.

Blox_Ghana Map_Project Locations.jpg

Fig. 6: Ghana, West Africa, and the Pramkese, Osenase, and Asamankese Project Locations.

Ghana is an attractive investment destination and has been the focus of international mining operations in West Africa for many years. The country has a stable democracy with well-established laws. Furthermore, it has a strong mining culture that has led to a large number of suitably trained personnel in country. Ghana is the second largest producer of gold in Africa. A further indication of the country’s good standing in the international community is its Standard and Poor’s credit rating of B and their expectation that Ghana is a stable economy.

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